Students to Specialize in a Limited Range of Subjects From the Age of Fifteen.

Some systems require students to specialize in a limited range of subjects from the age of fifteen. Other systems require students to study a wide range of subjects until they leave school. What are the benefits of these two education systems and which is better?

Sample Answer Some systems require students to specialize in a limited range of subjects from the age of fifteen.


Few academics ask students to do better in choice of subject from an early age whereas other institutes prefer pupils to pursue knowledge in all the subjects until they study in school. I believe a teenager must enroll where he/she is fascinating. Firstly, this essay shall discuss how the knowledge of many subjects enhances future ability, secondly, it will argue that gaining knowledge in a specific subject makes them master and boost creativity.


Learning is the best way to expose creativity and interest in any field, without prior knowledge of anything a person cannot survive in this contemporary world. Parents are the major pillars of the children’s lives as starting from the school days to the career period they always play a vital role. Moreover, many schools ask teenagers to do better in all the subjects to become self-dependent people. Likewise future is fickle and revolutionary where people should have one or more skills and ability to pursue things. For instance, a few years ago in the game of cricket traditional shots were more mesmerizing and eye-catching but at present time players have to develop such unorthodox ability to plays such balls which are not taught in the text-book of cricket.

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On the other hand, enhancing ability in one subject means mastering that thing at a core level. There many institutes which advise students to do best in subjects they like from the early age of their career so their capability and developing skills would be different than others. Such kind of subjective knowledge also helps students to develop creativity and productivity in that particular field. For example, a global company called Apple is ace in manufacturing electronic gadgets where their empire stands at the pinnacle of the mountain. We have seen their uniqueness and technology which distinguished them from others.


To conclude, the world is very zip and developing fast where a person should be encouraged by his or her perspective skill rather than skills. Higher chances of success and productivity take place when he/she focus on a single subject.

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