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it is quite evident that in the present time, every person wants to go abroad for a number of purposes such as studies, works, Permanent Residency and so on. it is necessary for them to communicate with foreign people in their foreign language. which is beyond from local language. one more thing learning a foreign language has become a trend nowadays.

for all purposes, IELTS exam has been taken by BC and IDP which is a language test for English. If any person wants to go for abroad to make his/her future bright, then, he/she can fulfill his dream to visit an alien nation by taking IELTS exam you can register for this exam online.

Well, when an individual starts learning the English language in order to get high band scores in IELTS exam, then he needs a plethora of IELTS material for practice. SO, we are providing IELTS material to you for free of cost

Now, I would like to explain about IELTS exam, briefly.

First of all, the meaning of IELTS is International English Language Test System. and theire are two types of IELTS Exam (1) Academic Reading  For study purpose (2) General Reading For Permanent Residency or Work Permit There are four parts or modules of this IELTS course.

1} Listening Module

2} Reading Module

3 } Writing Module (1) Writing Task 1 (2) Writing Task 2

4} Speaking Module

Listening Module

in this module, students have to listen an English conversation carefully and answer the question which have written in the listening booklet. You have to do it, with your understanding and intelligence. This module needs a lot of practice to gain high band scores. The timing of listening test is near about 20 to 30 minutes. Between this one should have to listen carefully and transfer the answer to an answer sheet in the end this module test.

Reading Module

this party’s important one of other modules of ielts exam. Some people who do not know about this reading module, they think that it is just like reading a book or newspaper but, they are totally wrong I am glad to tell you that reading module means reading paragraphs and find answer of questions which are written in the writing booklet. Practice of reading English stuff daily can be proved beneficial for you to gain good scores in this module of IELTS exam.

Writing Module

writing module:- in this, a written question or argument has given to student and he or she have to express his or her views and opinions about given topic.  this module included two task in it.

1 . Writing task 1     2 . Writing task 2

A good structure of essay can make a way for you to get required band score.

Speaking Module

it is undeniable that most of students feel on  inconfidence in speaking English language. They think how they do it? or how can they become able to speak English frequently.

So, here i would like to suggest you 3 things which are surely responsible for achieving fluency in speaking english and that is
1 practice
2 practice and
3 practice
The first and foremost thing for speaking module is that you should have an idea about a specific topic which perhaps has given by examiner or your teacher.
Then, explain it properly without any grammatical mistake. You have to speak on given topic for minimum 2 minutes without getting a natural pause.

For this, you can practice  with your friends and family but only when, they know the same language which you are learning such as English you can use voice recorder to find your own mistakes in speaking about a given topic.

So,learners, if you want to perform well in ielts exam then, you should have to understand ielts modules deeply.

here we are going to enable you to do practice of ielts exam. we will provide you study material,tips and tricks to gain good band score in ielts exam.

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