Describe a Time You Saw Children Behave Badly in Public.

Describe a time you saw children behave badly in public.
You should say
Where it was?
What the children were doing?
How others reacted to it?
And explain how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a time you saw children behave badly in public.

I still remember the time when It was my birthday and we had a family get together like 2 months back.

On top of it, I was very much excited about it. We went to the luxury dining place to have supper. As everyone is aware that these luxury places have really astonishing decor with high-end products being dramatically placed to give a classy view of the place.

So, it was my niece who was, again and again, playing with the expensive decor items to which the attendants of that particular hotel were coming and stopping her to do the same which was making me uncomfortable as everyone was eyeing that. People were perplexed to see why she was doing the same and on top of it despite saying no end number of times why she is not stopping.

I felt really annoyed as I completely do not like these public demonstration acts especially which spread a negative image of me or my family. I went to her made her understand in a very positivistic way how much damage it can occur and what can be the repercussions of the same.

She understood and finally stopped doing it .it is cardinal for us to understand that all it takes is a piece of love for children to listen to you and obey you.

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