You Relocated to a New Country for Work

You relocated to a new country for work. Write to your previous co-worker. In your letter

– Tell him/her where you live in the new country
– Describe how you feel
– Explain what you are doing at work
– Invite him/her for a visit.

Sample Answer of You Relocated to a New Country for Work. Write to Your Previous Co-worker.

Dear Jack,

I hope you would be happy and safe nowadays. and I am writing to letter regarding my new work location in another country.

I shifted to Toronto City, Canada at last week. The reasons behind to change workplace are increment in the same company but the different nations and new challenges. In the beginning, I felt alone, but after a week, I become used to the new system.

I am working beat a different as previously in the company. Developing software, fixing bugs in hen handling new clients are the major work of mine. I am working for more than 8 hours now. But I cannot be tired as we worked for 6 hours in India.

At here, living life is so peaceful and less populated area as compared to our country, India. Hence, you will merriment a lot.

I am inviting you a visit first at Torrento and I will guide you in-depth all about the work and lifestyle. Also, you will see the difference in yourself.

I am waiting for your concern and reply to me soon.
Take care! Bye!
Yours faithfully,

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