Describe a Prize That You Received

Describe a prize that you received. You should say
What was it?
When you received it?
What did you do for it?
And explain how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a prize that you received.

The prize is the thing that forced us to work hard to possess it. From global tournaments to street games it plays an integral role in our lives. I know when was in my college I had participated in a cricket league, where I was consistently working hard to make an entry in the team but I was getting hard enough chances to play properly though it was a knock-out round and my coach and captain asked me to get ready for the eleven as one of our opening batsmen got injured.

So I was prepared for this moment and made a century in that match, however, my runs went in vain but my coach offered me one of his precious prizes as it was the moment in our dug-out as everyone looked at me appreciated my effort and I also felt over the moon. Those small moments in individual lives always bring joy and praise.

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