Having More Money and Less Free Time is Better Than

Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. Discuss both views and state your opinion.


Individuals have different views towards money and time, many believe the time is more precious than money and some argue that money is worth more than time. I believe time can be helpful to gain money and skills. Firstly, this essay shall discuss how money plays a vital role in our daily lives; secondly, it will explain the value of time which cannot be bought.


Since the creation of human lives and their development where transactions of money have taken place. Each of us needs to exchange something in terms of buying or selling anything, so this money cycle makes us work day and night to fulfill our needs. Moreover, money is everything in the current world as we all are in the race to reach somewhere and trying to make certain amounts. Money gives us the privilege to own luxurious things which is very uncommon among certain classes of people. For instance, people own a product for their status which defines them unique among others, Indian business tycoon
Mr. Mukesh Ambani remains busy with his work and money calculation, which defines his stature among other people. Thus, money can be more worthy in the category list of times, so many people give priority to money.


On the other hand, time is the most precious commodity, which cannot be wasted on anything. At the present time, individuals understand the value of time as it cannot be bought but spent with people. We as human life once and die so we should utilize it wisely. For example, people should spend more time with their parents and friends because they are the ones who help us to solve many problems and eternal issues as money unable to buy it. Therefore, time is the most precious thing in the world before money.


To conclude, it’s really hard to maintain a balance between time and money but people should prioritize time over money.

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1 thought on “Having More Money and Less Free Time is Better Than”

  1. If the people will earn maximum money, but less free time is rise above having a less income while, people will have more free time. I believe, that individual should earn less income but they should get more free time. Here, I would describe both views in upcoming paragraphs.

    On the other hand, while getting more money and less free time this can be a stress on their mind while doing whole day and night work. As a result, having a more stress can be effect on the individual’s health. Moreover, the person is doing more work even on that time also, when they got a free time because there is pressure of colleague on individual. So, there are many of that people who need more money while, getting income according to the person choice and then they got a less free time which cause the stress on that person.

    On the other hand, while, earning the less income and get full free time while, this the people will feel relax as wall as spend time with their family members. As a result, if the people will do work according to the proper time of job while this the people can earn money also as well as they get a relax also and spend time with family members also. So, money is also important in human life but to relax the mind free time is also essential either the income is less.

    In my opinion, the person should get more free time while, earning maximum money because the person can share their all feelings with family members while doing less work and spending more time with family and after that the person can use money on good things.

    To conclude, the money is also essential but in human’s life leave free is also important. In free time the people can enjoy with family and discuss all personal life is the person is having more free time.

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