Describe a Book You Read That You Found Useful or Describe an Exciting Book You Read.

Describe a Book You Read That You Found Useful

Describe a book you read that you found useful or Describe an exciting book you read.

  • You should say
  • When you read it?
  • What type of book is it?
  • What is it about?
  • Why did you find it useful?

Sample Answer of Describe a Book You Read That You Found Useful 


Although I am not an ardent book reader, recently during one of my casual visits to my friends home I came across a book called the “Master of the game” written by Sydney Sheldon,

I remember that Sydney Sheldon is a famous writer of fiction and thriller novels that provide an intriguing script. Hence I immediately grabbed the book and started reading. After a few pages, I could resist reading it. I was completely hooked up.

the prime plot of the script revolves around a woman, her rise, and how she conquered a vast dynasty. the author portrays women as superpowers who can do anything and transform into a mother, child, businesswoman as per the need. the story was gripping and I became much involved in it that I finished the entire book within two days.

I would say that the book is a page-turner and is one of the highly sold out novels in the USA. Personally, ¬†learned that the presence of mins plays a crucial role in women’s life. irrespective of the hurdles the woman battles them all with the fighting spirit. The story also taught me where ever we land up, politics and egos do hamper our spirits but as an individual, we should overcome them all.

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