Describe a healthy lifestyle you have now or you know

Describe a healthy lifestyle you have now or you know.

Describe a healthy lifestyle you have now or you know.

Sample Answer:-

Well, nowadays, people become more health-conscious. They want to do anything which helps them to be fit and active. In my life, I also follow a healthy lifestyle. I describe it briefly.

About a year ago, I was so lethargic and inactive. Then, my friend who is the health-conscious gave me a book. That book was related to physical exercises as well as a healthy routine. I read this book and learned a plethora of things from it. After it, I made a time table with the help of this book.
Every day, I get up early in the morning and go for a walk in a park near my home. I do jogging and some exercises with the help of open gym facility in that park. I spend about one hour on it.

Describe a healthy lifestyle In addition, I eat a healthy diet. In it, I eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. It gives me vitamins, minerals and so on which help me to be healthy. Along with it, I eat a meal four times a day because my friend told me that this method helps us to avoid overweights.

Apart from it, I have joined a Yoga class at a yoga Institute. There, my Yoga trainer trains a person to do meditation with a peaceful mind. Yoga class rejuvenates my fatigued mind.
Moreover, I have installed a mobile app on my Android phone which is related to losing weight and being healthy. This helps you to do exercise day by day. This is really fruitful for me.
All in all, this is my Healthy lifestyle which I follow to be fit and healthy. I believe that it has proved beneficial for me.


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