Describe an experience when you taught an older person something new.

Describe an experience when you taught an older person something new.

-Whom did you teach
-What did you teach
-How was the experience

Sample answer:-

Well, teaching skill requires a lot of patience as well as a plethora of information. These days, older persons are learning how to operate Technology from their children. Also, I have taught my grandmother to use an android phone. It was a good experience for me. I describe that time briefly.

About 1 year ago, I gifted an Android phone to my grandmother on her 50th Birthday. Actually, I wanted that my grandmother should get knowledge about the mobile phone in order to use it to solve problems. When I give it to my grand mum, she felt glad. But unfortunately, he didn’t know how to operate it. I promised her to teach her to use an Android phone.experience when you taught

Fortunately, by the grace of God, my grandmother news about local languages such as Punjabi and Hindi. First of all, I changed the language settings for mobile phones and set up local language Punjabi.

After this, I taught her how can she make calls or voice calls as well as I taught her to receive calls. She was so excited to learn it step by step. But this process took lots of patience. She learnt it in a day.

Next day, I taught her to use YouTube. Actually she is crazy to watch video clips. Before that time, I often gave her my mobile phone to watch videos on YouTube.

But now she was happy to watch it on her own smartphone. To be honest, my grandmother is unable to search for anything on YouTube by typing text on its search tab. Then I advised her to search with the help of speakerphone on the right side of the search tab on YouTube. She happily did it and learned it easily.

In the present scenario, she is happy with her mobile phone. Also, she can use an application named WhatsApp. With the help of WhatsApp, she sends voice messages to her near and dear ones.

Overall, this was the experience of mine when I taught my grandmother to operate an Android phone. I believe that mobile has become an unbreakable part of my grandmother’s life.

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