Youngsters, nowadays, are getting more interested

Youngsters, nowadays, are getting more interested in indoor games rather than outdoor games. Describe causes, results, and solutions.


In the present scenario, elders or youngsters give more preference to indoor games instead of taking part in outdoor sports. But in some nations, outdoor games are still liked by individuals. According to my point of view, there are various reasons for it. In the upcoming paragraphs of this essay, I will discuss the causes with the results of the given argument.

First of all, the busy schedule of young persons is one of the main reasons for having more interest in indoor games. In actual, nowadays, people are indulging in their works or study from morning to evening. Between it, if they get free time, then they stay at their home and play video games. As a result of it, elders do not do physical workout and they catch by a number of ailments such as obesity, high cholesterol, and so on. A better solution to tackle this problem is that persons should do exercises in the morning or evening time. But if they are unable to do it, then they should play those games which include body movements such as hide and seek, hopscotch, and so on.

In addition, the next cause for playing more indoor games is the great influence of advanced technology. Nowadays, people use electronic pieces of equipment almost for every task whether they are studying or doing other things. Thus, individuals avoid taking part in outdoor sports. Due to it, learners love to stay at their home and do not go outside. Also, they do not communicate with others who live in their society. As a result, they become unaware of the social life of humans. To mitigate this issue, parents and teachers should give knowledge to students about physical workouts and sports. They suggest children for becoming a participant in the sports competition in order to rejuvenate their mind.

To conclude, human beings are interested in indoor games due to lack of time and the impact of technology. They become less active in human society. I believe this problem can be reduced by spreading knowledge in young ones about exciting outdoor sports.

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