Describe your favorite piece of clothing.

Sample 1 (traditional Punjabi suit )

Well, I have a huge collection of different clothes such as Indian traditional dresses, western dresses, and a few Indo Western. I like a few of them but one piece of cloth is my all-time favorite and that is a traditional Punjabi suit. Please allow me to explain it briefly

It is a combination of two colors, yellow and red. It is a plain suit, in other words, there is no embroidery on it but it looks so elegant. The fabric of this suit is in pure silk which is very comfortable and soft. Due to its comfortable fabric, it is very easy to carry as well as add to it, it has a red color traditional dupatta which goes perfect along with it.

traditional Punjabi suitalthough I have so many stylish party wear suits, I like to wear it most. I remembered that I wore it at my cousin’s wedding last time. I carried this is suit with matching gold necklace and stunning earrings. so I also wore Punjabi Jutti as footwear with it which goes very well together. in addition to it, I did some light makeup to get a natural look.

there are few reasons why I like especially this piece of cloth.first of all, I purchased it from a well-renowned shop in Amritsar when I went there to saw a golden when I wear this suit I recall my sweet memory of there. secondly, color combination is very nice and in fact red is my favorite color.apart from it, traditional red color heavy dupatta which is known as phulkari also enhances the grace of this has multiple color flowers which are embroidered with beautiful Silk thread.

Moreover, this piece of cloth is stitched perfectly. Last but not least, I love bright colors because I personally think that I look gorgeous in dark colors. Whenever I wore it, I got so many compliments. hence, this is a piece of cloth which I like most.

Sample 2 ( A gown )

Well, I love shopping. I had bought a variety of dresses from the supermarket. I like to wear western dresses as well as directional clothes in my country. So here I would like to talk about my favorite dress. That is a gown. I have bought it about a year ago. I describe this piece of cloth briefly.

It is a blue-colored gown with a layer of white pearls on its neck. It is a floor-length gown with beautiful embroidery on it. I bought it for one thousand rupees.

A gownActually, I went to the supermarket in my hometown with my mother. At that time, we went there to buy some domestic items and vegetables or fruits. Between this, I was crossing a showroom of readymade clothes. In the display of that showroom, suddenly I saw a beautiful gown. It attracted me the most.

Then, I requested my mother to purchase this gown for me. She allowed me to buy it. We rushed up in that showroom. I requested the salesman to show me that piece of clothing. He told me each and everything about this piece. In addition, I saw that the quality of the product was good as well as the clothing was very comfortable. So I bought it.

In the present scenario, I wear this dress in wedding parties and other family functions. It suits me very much. Everyone gives me compliments for this dress. All in all, this is a dresser which is my favorite. I like to wear it again and again.

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