Some people prefer hobbies that require technology

Some people prefer hobbies that require technology, while some people prefer hobbies that do not require technology. Discuss both views and give your opinion.



It is irrefutable that the technology has become part and parcel of every human being’s life. In fact, nowadays some hobbies require electronic equipment to enjoy leisure time. A camp of society uses technology in the enjoyment of their interests and hobbies such as online chatting, playing video games and so on. But another group of people gives more preference to those hobbies which do not require electronic products like collecting stamps or stones, traveling and so on. According to my point of view, both arguments need proper scrutiny before forming an opinion. So, I will discuss it in the following paragraphs.

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Some people prefer hobbies that require technologyFirst of all, in the present scenario, technology has left a profound impact on the young ones. Many changes have occurred in their interests and hobbies. In other words, people like to do chatting with their friends or near and dear ones by using several social networking sites such as facebook, Sharechat, Instagram, and so on. They also do online video calling with their loving ones instead of meeting them face to face. As a result, persons can save their time and watch tutorials on YouTube. So, they prefer those hobbies with the help of which they can become multi-tasking and enjoy their spare time.

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On the opposite side, various humans enjoy some hobbies in which they do not need to use technology and these are collecting coins, jogging, cycling, and so on. Actually, they think that such tasks help them to be healthy and fit because of physical movements in it.  As a result of it, individuals can avoid the worse effect of electronic devices such as weak eyesight, obesity, and so on. Apart from it, hobbies like reading books and other stuff help individuals to broaden the horizons of knowledge. Therefore, these type of hobbies improve one’s writing, speaking, reading and communication skills.


To conclude, different persons have different hobbies and choices. According to my opinion, masses should enjoy only those hobbies which require minimum use of technology and more physical workout. They should not completely indulge in electronic devices by neglecting their health. So, hobbies ought to be proved as a boon for people not injurious.

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