Today, the younger and older generations are in the same workplace

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Nowadays, people of two generations are working together seems a common thing in workplaces. I opine that it offers more positive effects than ill effects.

At the outset, one of the advantages of working two generations together is, there will be an effective knowledge sharing among the young and old people. What this means is that older people are more experienced and they have the practice and knowledge to face the work issues in a more logical manner than the individuals who are not matured as them. As a case in point, one of my friends work as a quantity surveyor, and he has mentioned that most of his colleagues are lot more experienced people and hence, he could get greater exposure and knowledge through them.

Secondly, working together could be a solution to the labor turnover of older people. To start with, older people would not lose their jobs as young people started to enter into the job market. As a case in point, I have seen that even in my company, the working culture has encouraged young people to work with mature people because it is a good way to have different opinions to drive the company towards the success, and it still working well for our business. What is more, society would not face the problem of having high labor turnover for the elders.

On the flip side, there will be conflicts when two generations are started to work together. In a sense, obviously, people who are born in two different spans would not hold the same beliefs and opinions. So, that could lead to some conflicts within the workplace in instances where asking for the opinions and allowing to make decisions for the workers. Moreover, young people might feel that they have been underestimated by the senior management when the priority is giving to experienced people when having important discussions as they have been exposed to the company issues.

To recapitulate, it is crystal clear that working two generations together would enhance more pros than the cons. Hence, I opine that existing trend which is working old and young people together should be more encouraged among the business world.


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