Describe a life changing experience.

# Describe a life-changing experience.

    • Where it took place
    • Who was with you
    • What happened
    • How it made you feel

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Sample 1:-

Well, changing is the law of nature and everyone also faces a different type of change in life. I also faced a lot of life-changing experiences during school and college life. But here I would like to share a life-changing experience.

I remember that day when I was 5th standard as well that time I was a backbencher. so I did not have confidence. I did not have any friend in me and I did not share any problem with classmates and teachers.

Interesting, one day my English teacher called me the staff room and he asked me you have any family or financial problems. I said no mam I do not have any problem. So, she told me, why you don’t take participate in any sports day, function and other class activities.

with it, that time I shared my problem, my teacher. Actually, mam, I do not have confidence and I also don’t able to speak in front of anyone. That time my teacher gave a motivational speech which was very affected for me.

After that, I sat on the first bench as well as I talk with my classmates and I also make friends from different classes. The most interesting thing, after one month of that speech, I also took participate in sports day and class activities. That time my English teacher was shocked to see my confidence.

Moreover, that time was the best time of life and that day I felt amazing because before it I did not participate in any type of activity. But now I have a lot of confidence and I share my ideas without any hesitation.

So, I learned confidence is very important as well as change is also necessary for everyone’s life. The most important thing, change is the law of nature and plants, animals and other natural things also change during the proper and perfect period of time.

Sample 2:-

Well, change is an essential part of a human being’s life and it is normal. However, sometimes it so happens that a sudden change takes place in our lives. This change may be purely the result of different circumstances or the advice and idea of someone.

But here I would like to talk about a life-changing experience. I remember that 5 years ago when I did work in dream pies bakery which was situated into the central part of my hometown. Unfortunately, the Bakery owner took the loan on the bakery but he did not pay a monthly installment. Then, the bank ceases the Bakery.

Badly, that time Very difficult for me because that time I was jobless. After it, I went to my friend Virat house and discussed my all problem with him.

Interestingly, he is a very intelligent person and gives me an amazing idea. At that time, he told me, you have proper knowledge related to all Bakery work. Then, you should start own business as compared to do the job under the other person.

Apart from it, I bought a shop in the center of the local market and I started a small shop. Then, I heard about the online business from my same friend. One year later, I also started an online business. In this, I receive an online cake, cookies, and other eatable things order as well as, I send all material on the same address through the transportation system.

Thankfully now I have five-story dream pies bakery in my hometown and 50 + worker 2 work there. According to my point of view, that change gives me a wonderful experience and opportunity. Now I am a famous businessman in my city. The most important thing, I also learn from that change if you take a higher risk then you also receive a higher profit in that business or work.

Sample 3

Well, ups and downs come in everyone’s life. I also face so many trouble full situations in my life however, here I would like to share with you a moment of my life which changed my whole life in a positive way.

2 years ago, I had to work in a multinational company as an assistant accountant. At that time, my company faced a difficult time and they started to terminate the employees. I remembered that day when they gave me the notice to work at a low salary otherwise leave the company. It was quite difficult for me to take a decision of lifting the company.

Unfortunately, I lost my job and I did not have any other source of income. So that I was feeling depressed and stressed and always thought that how to start new work or what to do next. That was the situation when I  started losing my confidence. As a result of it, all the negativities comes in my mind and I also felt lethargic and helpless.

Suddenly, one night I was using my mobile then I saw a video of Sandeep Maheshwari. After watching this video my thinking was totally changed. The name of the video was a life-changing seminar. in this video, he motivated the audience about how to live happy in a difficult situation. He is a great motivational speaker who changed the way of thinking.

After watching this, I bolt my confidence level as well as inner personality development. All the negativity now turned into positivity. By the grace of God, now I am running my own business and  I am quite happy with my work.

I learned so many things from my difficult situation. Firstly, never lose hope and be confident. Apart from it, always do your best without the worry of the result. Last but not least, hard work is the key to success. If you do hard work then one day you will definitely gain success.

All in all, that difficult time was give me a life-changing experience. Now my whole life is changed and I achieved name and fame, encourage, positivity and self-confidence as well

Followups question:-

Question:- why old people do not accept change?

Answer:- Well, it’s true that they do not like the change in their life because they believe that old is gold .apart from it according to my perspective they don’t like to change their lifestyle such as they prefer to live in simplicity instead of modern lifestyle. In other words, as we all used electrical equipment like computers, mobile, and so on, however, they believe that it is the wastage of money, as well as this equipment, made people less healthy and lethargic. So that’s the main reason why they don’t like any change in their life.

Question:- why do some people keep changing their jobs?

Answer:- Well, change is the law of nature and I personally believe that if an individual wants success in their life then they have to change according to modern society. Some people prefer to change their jobs from time to time because they get higher salaries, perks as well as, other benefits through changing the job. Apart from it, some youth change their job according to their interest. Moreover, some of them change their job only for gaining knowledge and experience.

Question:- What changes have occurred in your country in the last few decades?

Answer. There are numerous changes in my country in the last few years. These changes are related to education, technology, and Lifestyle as well. For example, nowadays people prefer to use modern Technology equipment rather than handwork. In other words, all the work such as washing, massaging, cooking is done through machines instead of hands. Apart from that, in past times people like to live in simplicity but now they love the modern lifestyle.

Question:- how should all change be taken?

Answer:- change is a law of nature and everyone accepts the change with the face. Some changes are maybe good and others may be painful. But changes are important to growing in any field. For example, during my school time, I took participate in a dance competition but unfortunately my left foot fractured and the doctor recommends bed rest. That change was painful for me but I accepted that change with cheerfully.

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