Some people think that organization would benefit more from a young manager

# Some people think that the organization would benefit more from a young manager than the old ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Some people think that the organization would benefit more from a young managerSample answer:-

The managerial position plays a great role in organizational success. Without proper management, firms cannot achieve their goals so we can say that the growth of the organization totally depends on their manager’s work. Some people believe that the young manager gives more profitability rather than a senior manager. I endorse the statement to some extent and there are numerous of the reason behind it.

The first and foremost reason is that youngster is the more tech-savvy comparison to older ones. They have a lot of information and practical knowledge about the latest machinery which is now used in almost every organization. For instance, the organization always uses up to date machinery so it is difficult for seniors to operate the latest machinery such as CNC machines mostly operates by the youngster. Moreover,  young persons are more energetic and healthy.  Due to this, they perform their job in an active way and always ready to take new challenges. In addition to this, youngsters have new ideas which help to increase business productivity and growth.

However, we can not deny the fact that the experience of work also matters. Older persons have more experience than the youngster. As a result of it, they easily handle the difficult situation and solve them quickly. Furthermore, senior persons are a more responsible and hard worker. They did their job with full efficiency. Apart from it, youngster takes derision in rush whereas seniors take their decision after preferring consideration which helps in long term gain.

To conclude, it is clear that manage position hot only reserve for seniors because they have more experience.  The firm also gives a chance for youngsters to work as a manager so that they work with new technology and new ideas.

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