Talk about a place where you spend your time with your friends.

Talk about a place where you spend your time with your friends

Sample answer 1:-

Well, friends are very important as well as everyone has a different type of friends. I am a student and I also have a lot of friends but my two friends really very close to me and I always spend time with each other.

But here I would like to about a place where we spend time together. It is evergreen Park which is located in the central part of my hometown. We always go there and enjoy a lot. My friend’s name is Virat and Rohit. Both are very close to me.

Interestingly, we spend time together in the evening time. We all friends like planting and we do in the park. There is a number of flowers available in the park such as red rose, sunflower, poppy, lily and so on. After it, we do running on the running track at least 40 minutes daily.

Apart from that, we do yoga and, there are yoga classes also provided by the local government. The left side of the park is the cafeteria and, we sit together there. Then, we share all matters, problems, and happiness with each other. The most interesting thing, we play badminton in the playground.

Moreover, at that time we forget all the troubles. We enjoy the beauty of nature. My friend Virat always prefers to clicking. He usually clicks my pictures. According to my viewpoint, that places are my favorite and I always prefer to visit there with my friends because we are spending time there from the 6th standard.

After it, I never forget this place for the rest of my life. We can not change that place and we have memorable moments there during childhood.

Sample answer 2:-

Well, friends and family both are very important for me but, usually, I share and discuss all things with my friends. During school and college time I made a lot of friends and those are still in my touch. But here I would like to talk about a place where I spend time with friends.

Apart from that, now I’m doing the job in SBI bank Moga and, I usually spend time with a friend on the weekend because of we all free from work and other things. We normally visit Vishal mega mart. It is situated in the northern part of my city and it is very close to my house.

Interestingly, we are going there since 2001 and it is the best to place to enjoy time with friends. That mall is divided into 5 parts. First is a basement for parking, the ground floor for the games area next is the cloth area. At last, it is the food center. We usually spend time in the games area and the food corner.

Moreover, we go there at the weekend in the night time and we play computer games. After that, we visit the food corner and we normally order Canadian pizza which is very famous and delicious. We sit on the last table and do a discussion on different types of topics. Sometimes, we share their own matters with each other.

Furthermore, that place is very close to my heart when I feel stressful from my daily burden. Then, I go there and remember all the memories and good times which spend together without any worries. It is the best place in my life. I never forget it till my life.

Followups question:-

Question: –  do you meet with your friends regularly?

Answer: – Friends are very important in my life but, usually I meet with my friends on the weekends as well as on special occasions. With it, when we are free from work then we decide the particular place with the help of WhatsApp group. If any friend stuck in any sort of trouble then, we immediately reach that place without notice any day, night and time. we spend free time together.

Question:- Is friendship essential? do you have any close friends?

Answer:- Well, I hail from Punjab which is located into part of India. In my culture, all people are very jolly nature and they also like to make friends. The most interesting thing, they always stand with their friends in any type of situation. Friendship is very important in my area because they judge them with friends and friendship. Friends choice also shows the states and thinking of any person. So according to me, friendship is a very essential part of my culture.

Question: – who becomes a good friend?

Answer: – according to my perspective, a good friend looks like a mirror who shows clean and dirty things without any fear. A good friend always honest with their friends and don’t cheat with the friend. Apart from that, there are some main qualities of good friends such as trustworthy, loyal, non-judgemental, respectful, good teacher, helper and so on. These qualities are very important because sometimes some people share their problems with their friends as compared to family members and, they are more comfortable with their friends. Then good friends definitely give good advice and guide in a better as well as a good way.

Question:- are you choose family or friend?

Answer:- Actually, it is a very difficult question for me because both are very important to me. But, friends do not take the place of family. Finally, according to my point of view, both are equal to me. Sometimes I share my all matters with family but sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my parents and siblings. That time I discuss all thing with my friends. My friend circle is very nice and helpful. That’s why both are very important in my life. For example last year I had some financial problem and at that time my college fees due that were very near. I didn’t want to give any tension to my parents. then, I discussed with my friends. Finally, they collected my fees and filled it. They also take care of me like family.

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