Describe a time when you visited a place with your friends

Describe a time when you visited a place with your friends

Sample answer 1:-

Well, friends are very important for human beings. The most interesting thing, spending time with friends precious as compares to others. I always prefer to go with my friends to different types of places and occasions. But here I would like to talk about a time when I visited a place with friends.

I remember, last Sunday, I and my classmates visited cafe coffee Day. It places located at Ferozepur Ludhiana Road which is very near to the college. That day was very special to me and my friends because that day we were graduated.

Apart from that, we decided to celebrate a special day in a special place. This cafe very special for us because we spend all special college moments there such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

After it, this cafe also favorites for us because we like the interior of this cafe, drizzle lights, paintings, soothing colors on the walls, wooden furniture as well as wooden floor. When we visited there at that time we were thinking in the future we will also open this type of cafe.

Interestingly, on that, we reached there approximately 11 a.m. We were sitting in the last tables. After that, we ordered a medium choco cake, four cappuccinos. But I ordered a creamy ice cap because I do not like hot drinks. In 20 minutes we received the order then we cut the cake.

Moreover, we took a drink and we discussed future planning. My two friends told me they wanted to go abroad to settle there. We spent a lot of time together. At last, not least, finally we decided when any special occasion will come life, then we will also meet here and celebrate together.

According to me, that time was very special for me and my friends. We never forget that time for the rest of my life. That time also precious for me because at last point I saw a smile on my friend’s face which is memorable for me.

Sample answer 2:-

Friends are look likes a mirror who shows good and dirty things without any type of fear. Friends also have a special place in my heart as well as, they are also my family. When I feel aloneness and stressful that time I call my friends for relaxation of the mind.

But here I would like to talk about a time when I visited a place with friends. I remember well, last summer, I visited Shimla with my friends. I had heard much about this hill station from my sister. That time we were free from work and studies. I and my friends went there by train as well as we reached Shimla in 7to8 hours.

Then we went to the gold Star Hotel and we ate veg pizza. After that, we took rest in the rooms. Nearly 6 p.m. We went to the market and saw the sky there was always overcast with clouds. Cold Breeze was always blowing there.

Interestingly, the great Rush of tourists and visitors at the Mall and other fashionable places there in the evening. Then, visited the beauty and,  Kufri and Jakhu temple. we felt greatly thrilled on seeing lush green tall pine trees and snowy peaks of mountains at a distance. The number of streams and springs delighted me the most.

Moreover, we went to the famous Italian pizza Hut and we tasted different sorts of pizzas. After it went to the local Park and we did snow activities such as riding skating as well as we made the house with snow. We also played with snow and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. The time I decided to visit Shimla every year.

Furthermore, we liked those vacations because at that time we enjoyed ourselves a lot together as well as we went to Shimla first time of life. That was an amazing experience for me that’s why I always remember that holiday.

Followups question:-

Question: –  do you meet with your friend often?

Answer: – Friends are very important in my life but, usually I meet with my friends on the weekends as well as on special occasions. With it, when we are free from work then we decide the particular place with the help of WhatsApp group. If any friend stuck in any sort of trouble then, we immediately reach that place without notice any day, night and time. we spend free time together.

Question:-do you have any close friend and is close friendship is important?

Answer:- Well, I hail from Punjab which is located into the northern part of India. In my culture, all people are very jolly nature and they also like to make friends. The most interesting thing, they always stand with their friends in any type of situation. Friendship is very important in my area because they judge them with friends and friendship. Friends choice also shows the states and thinking of any person. So according to me, friendship is a very essential part of my culture.

Question: – what do you think about a good friend? what qualities they have?

Answer: – according to my perspective, a good friend looks like a mirror who shows clean and dirty things without any fear. A good friend always honest with their friends and don’t cheat with the friend. Apart from that, there are some main qualities of good friends such as trustworthy, loyal, non-judgemental, respectful, good teacher, helper and so on. These qualities are very important because sometimes some people share their problems with their friends as compared to family members and, they are more comfortable with their friends. Then good friends definitely give good advice and guide in a better as well as a good way.

Question:-what is important for you a friend or family?

Answer:- Actually, it is a very difficult question for me because both are very important to me. But, friends do not take the place of family. Finally, according to my point of view, both are equal to me. Sometimes I share my all matters with family but sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my parents and siblings. That time I discuss all thing with my friends. My friend circle is very nice and helpful. That’s why both are very important in my life. For example last year I had some financial problem and at that time my college fees due that were very near. I didn’t want to give any tension to my parents. then, I discussed with my friends. Finally, they collected my fees and filled it. They also take care of me like family.

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