In many countries art galleries visitors have been declining

In many countries art galleries visitors have been declining steadily. What are the possible reasons? How to change this trend?



Art galleries played a vital role for people to larn creativity during the previous time. In the present scenario, the trend of art galleries has decreased because most young persons think that it is old-fashioned. There are some reasons for it which I will discuss in the following paragraphs of this essay.

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In many countries art galleries visitors have been declining steadily. What are the possible reasons? How to change this trend?The first and foremost cause of the decrement of visitors in art galleries in the advancement of technology. Because nowadays art galleries are easily accessible by human beings with the help of internet and television. In other words, some programs are telecasted on television which contains each and everything about an art gallery including the internal structure, artist’s creativities, and so on. Also, the documents are available on the internet which is related to a particular art. So, people can enjoy it by staying in their homes. In addition, many individuals believe that visiting the art galleries is only a waste of time because at such places a limited stock of art pieces present. It is not enough for learning about special art. Thus, they give more preference to go to see historical buildings, museums, art competitions, and so on.

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Moreover, there are few suggestions that could be proved fruitful for art galleries to attract more and more persons towards it. Firstly, the government should encourage visitors by reducing the ticket prices and art galleries should organize some types of packages for visiting there such as an individual’s ticket, group packages, and so on. It will lure others to visit there again and again. Secondly, educational institutes ought to plan excursions for juveniles to bring them to an art gallery. As a result, they can broaden the horizons of their knowledge by watching the creativity of artists. Thirdly, the art galleries should have to organize live competitions over there. It will attract both kinds of individuals, participants, and sightseers. Through this, people will start loving to go there.


To conclude, the art gallery is an inseparable thing that helps artists to show their art to local persons. This trend is decreasing day by day. But I believe it can gain popularity again among human beings by adopting solutions.

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