Today Different Kinds of Advertising Influence Our Life Writing Task 2

Today different kinds of advertising influence our life. Do the negative effects of this development outweigh the positive?

In today’s modern era, our lives are impacted by many advertisements. This advertisement has both negative and positive influences on one’s life. I believe that the negative effects of this advertisement are more than the positive effects. In this essay, I will discuss how negative effects outweigh positive effects.

With the advancement of technology, advertisements have become part of our day to day life. Before some time, we used to see advertisements mostly in newspapers or magazines or on holdings, but now television, movies and many social media platforms are being used to promote products. Companies hire a special marketing team for advertising their product. Although Marketing and advertising help companies reach more people and increase their sales, they can influence people in the wrong direction.

In the advertisement, they sometimes show wrong information, which can lead to unrealistic expectations such in beauty cream advertisements, it is claimed that by only using this cream for 15 days, you will have brighter and whiter skin which is unrealistic. Some companies use famous actors, actresses or some influential person to present their product, and people who follow that famous person would buy that product without even thinking about whether they require this product or not, which can lead to a waste of money.

Advertisements also influence children. Sometimes children become so stubborn that after seeing any new product or new toffee, they want it anyhow, and then they start showing tantrums until their parents get them that product. For instance, in advertisements, it is shown that some children were not having the energy to play but as soon as he or they have some carbonated drink and get instant energy like anything. After seeing this advertisement, children demand the drink, but the drink has nothing to do with energy, and moreover, it is bad for health. Therefore advertisements for children’s products must be taken care of, not forwarding the wrong message.

To conclude, the Advertising industry has become part of our day to day life, but we must be careful when choosing the product. It is good that we can come to know about a product easily through advertisement, but we must do proper research before buying the product so that it does not have any negative impact on our life.

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