Friendly Robots Are Now Being Developed to Help People at Work and At Home (3)

Friendly Robots Are Now Being Developed to Help People at Work and At Home

Friendly robots are now being developed to help people at work and at home. Do you think the positive effects of this development outweigh the negative? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

This Era is being dedicated to the development of automated machines by the Science and Technology sector. There are continuous efforts towards producing friendly automated machines that can be helpful for home and work-related activities. While many are supporting this advancement, there are some organizations and individuals opposing it. In my view, this step towards the future should be considered more positive than negative, as robots that can work on our command can be of really good use for humans.

To start with, nowadays everyone is short on time, and doing petty tasks daily increases this problem, making machines that can do these activities for us will help us to concentrate more of our time on productive things. For instance, cleaning a house can take a lot of our time which we can utilize to do many important tasks. To solve this problem, many companies are now producing automatic vacuums and mops that can work on their own and sanitize the house for us.

On the contrary, automation cannot always be a positive move because the increased use of automation will impact adversely on some job sectors as their jobs may be taken over by a robot. For example, many restaurants in Japan are now using robots as waiters; although this has made restaurants more efficient, it has left many waiters in the country jobless, and they are forced to change their profession.

To conclude, the progress towards making useful robots that can facilitate humans has more pros than cons, and I think this advancement should further continue. Those affected by this progress can easily find alternatives and continue with their lives.

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