There Are Insufficient Sports Facilities in Your Hometown for People Your Age.

There are insufficient sports facilities in your hometown for people your age. Write a letter to the local council. In your letter

– Tell them where you live
– Describe the problem
– Explain what you would like them to do about it

Sample Answer of There Are Insufficient Sports Facilities in Your Hometown for People Your Age. Write a Letter to the Local Council.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to apprise you of some requirements for sports facilities. I am a local civilian of the Maninagar region. Recently, youth is finding difficulty to perform certain sports activities as in our area some instruments and grounds are not fully developed yet.

Young people are facing a lot of trouble due to unavailability of certain equipment and proper guidance such as we have a gym but some instruments are outdated and damaged. Women from my society asked me to mention certain table tennis, badminton, and tennis courts so they can also take part in sports.

I would like you to share some budget amount on sports activities as our local people are keen and health-conscious so it would also boost their immune system. Upgrading and restoration of new machines and regular trimming of grass-court required so please do needful in this matter.
Hoping for a prompt response in this matter!
Yours faithfully,

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