Describe An Old Friend You Got in Contact With Again.

Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.
You should say
who he or she is?
What he or she is like?
How did you get in contact?
And explain how you felt about it?

Sample Answers of Describe An Old Friend You Got in Contact With Again.

Sample 1

It was Friday night in the Taj restaurant last week, I went along with my family to attend a wedding anniversary, I was in the mood not to visit but I made it though it was a good party.

Fortunately, I was taking my dessert, and all of a sudden I was blocked by one of the girl Nupur, whom I thought I’d never met before and she started to make a conversation though I was totally clueless and didn’t know how to react.

Moreover, she then recalled and I got to know that we were batchmates in college a few years ago. I felt over the moon when we finally met again and discussed a lot about our reminiscent of college days. Then we exchanged our contact details and planned to meet again in a few days.

Sample 2

Due to the advanced life of today, it is very common to lose contact with friends. I have also lost contact with many of my school time friends. I lost contact with my friends because some of my friends got busy with jobs and some are shifted to another city and some just got busy with their family.

Here I would like to speak about one of my best friends with whom I got contact again in this Corona time period with the help of Instagram. On Instagram, I received many requests from my friends but I was not happy to see their requests how much I was happy to see the request of my best friend whose name is khushboo we both were in the class 7th standard when I lost contact with her family was living in Canada and she was living alone in India.

So, after completing her 7th class she went to a foreign country and at that time I was feeling so sad because I forgot to take the contact her. Now, after six years I got in contact with her again and I was feeling so happy while doing a talk with her again and after that, I have done many talks with her as well as with her parents also. Her parents have also given blessings to me.

Now, we both talk daily and she didn’t change while talking with anyone. Her nature is too much polite and she helps everyone. Now, I felt so much happy because I got again my childhood friend.

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