Describe a Conversation Topic You Were Not Interested in.

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in.

You should say
Who you talked with?
When you had the conversation?
What was the topic?
And explain why you were not interested?

Sample Answer of Describe a Conversation Topic You Were Not Interested in.

We do many conversations in our daily life. Among them, I heard many conversations without any interest. Because of my straightforward nature, I do not want to interfere with others on every topic. Though maintaining a good relationship, I might talk about those matters.

I would like to share a conversation with my friends. I have fantastic five friends in my neighborhood and we meet daily in the evening after taking dinner. Among them, three friends named Manan, Parth and Nishith were talking one day about their IT and computer-related point.

At the start, I thought it was a different and knowledgeable topic for me as I am Physiotherapy, it might be useful to develop in digital media. But, after a few minutes, they were going deeper and I thought that it was worthless to me. That gossip was going for more than an hour. I get bored listening to them and told them to please change the topic as I was feeling so boring then. I really get great friends, but sometimes they talk about interesting topics for me but I open to listening to them silently.

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