Talk about a thing you complained about something

Talk about a thing you complained about something and got a good result.

Sample Answer:-

Well, Some persons continuously complaint about all things or something, but some persons like to compromise with bad things. I believe that we have to complaint about the wrong things in order to solve them. Here I would like to talk about the time when I complain about bad food service in a restaurant. I describe it briefly.
Talk about a time when you complained about something Actually, on my last birthday, I took my friends to a restaurant for dinner. That Restaurant’s name was “Fresh Food hub”. So on that day, we arrived there at 7:00 p.m.; I allowed my friends to order according to their choice. So we all ordered food.
The waiter told us to wait for 20 minutes after the given time, We did not get any food. I asked a waiter about our order. Then he went to the kitchen to bring food for us.
Within 5 minutes, we got the food which we ordered. I saw that food was a staple. Again, I asked the waiter about this food, then, he ignored me.
After it, I went to the cabin of Hotel Manager and complaint about their staff as well as food. I explained to him each and everything. He apologized to me and requested me to wait for some time. I said OK to him.
In addition, the manager scolded to kitchen staff for bad foodservice and ordered them to cook Fresh Food. So, within 10 minutes, we got fresh food. I thanked the manager.

All in all, that was the time when I complain about bad foodservice and got a good result.


When people do complain about something?

Why do people like to do so?

Is it good to complain about bad services?

Could you speak about another person you know who always do complains?

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