Talk about an outdoor sport that you have not yet

Talk about an outdoor sport that you have not yet but you would like to do in the future.

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Well, sports help us to be fit and healthy. Nowadays extreme outdoor sports are gaining popularity such as rafting, undersea walking, scuba diving, paragliding and so on. But here I would like to talk about outdoor sport named “Banana Boat Ride“.  I want to try it in the future.

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Talk about an outdoor sport that you have not yet  but you would like to do If I talk about this sport, then, the founder of this sport was Walter Napoleon. He found it in 1971 and tried it for the first time. This is organized in coastal areas such as the southern part of India by some sports or tourism companies.
In Banana Boat Ride, you have to wander in water by sitting on a Banana shaped boat. A group of person can sit on this banana Boat. It is connected with speed boat.

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There are some reasons for it that why I would like to do it?
First of all, I want to spend my leisure time with my near and dear ones. In actual, I have joined the communication skill course and last month, I have completed it. So, I have enough free time to enjoy this activity.
In addition, one of my friends had tried it and he that it is a wonderful sport. He enjoyed it in Goa. He explained to me that a trainer of this water activity helps you to enjoy it. It is not a dangerous sport.

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Apart from it, in India, this is a sport is gaining popularity and many people visit the coastline area to enjoy it. Many individuals post their photographs which click during enjoying this water sport. I also want to click pictures during this sport and after it, I will post it on my Instagram account.
Moreover, I want to get a break from my busy schedule. It will be worked for me as a stress buster as well as refresh my mind.
So, I want to do this activity as soon as possible. I would like to visit Goa to enjoy it.


All in all, I would like to try Banana Boat Ride once in my life.

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