Talk about a thing that you do well for your work or study.

Talk about a thing that you do well for your work or study.

Sample Answer:-

Well, in my daily routine, I do many things for my work as well as for my study. I always indulge in a busy schedule from morning to night. I describe it briefly.
First of all, I get up early in the morning at 6 o’clock, then I go for a morning walk in a park which is nearby my home. There, I do some exercise and yoga which helps me to feel more energetic for the whole day. Also, I breathe in the fresh air of morning time. It escapes me from tiredness.
In addition, from 9.00-2.00 PM, I attend lectures in college. There, I concentrate on my studies as well as do some practical work computer lab at my college. Then I come back home at noon.
Apart from it, in the evening time, I go to a library named “Preet library”. This is located in the outskirts of my village. I go there and read books there. It is a peaceful place where I can concentrate on my studies. Also, I can borrow books from library-related to other topics such as biographies, science books and so on.
Moreover, I watch study tutorials on YouTube. If I have to solve Complex equations of mathematics, then, I always give preference to watch tutorials on YouTube. There are a number of videos available on YouTube which helps students in their studies.
Furthermore, I spend time in my study room where I read novels and magazines. Sometimes, I read comic books to entertain myself because through it, I can get a break from the mundane routine. It helps me to re-concentrate on my school curriculum.
All in all, I do these things regularly for my studies. I am working hard to gain my objectives.

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