Describe a good law of your country

Describe a good law of your country.

Describe a good law of your country.

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Well, Laws are enacted by the government for the safety of citizens. In the Indian Constitution, there are a number of laws which helps to live a peaceful life without indulging in chaos. Here I would like to talk about good law and that is an anti-dowry act.

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This law was made by the Indian government in 1962 to control the dowry system in India.
Actually, in ancient time, some people gave domestic products to their daughter on their marriage. They did it with a good intention of help. By doing it, they help their daughters to start a new phase of life. They gave things to them many things such as money, electronic goods, and so on.

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But some greedy persons had demanded expensive things from the family of their daughter-in-law. Few individuals hot their daughter in law just for dowry. This is system leads to sin such as murder, misconduct, physical exploitation and so on. Because of the dowry system, many poor people killed their daughters.
To control this offence, the Indian government enacted anti Dowry Act to protect poor or middle-class people from being the convict of a misdemeanour.
So in the present scenario, girls know about this law and if they face any problem in-laws family, then, they can file FIR against their in-laws family.

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On the other hand, when the government made this law, then, several people started its misuse. They started filing FIR against innocent human beings to hurt them. It happened just because of corruption in India.
To mitigate this problem, the Indian government again included some rules and regulations in this anti Dowry Act.
In the past time, if any girl did complain about her in-laws family for hurting her just for dowry, then police officers were arrested the whole in-laws family. In the present time, the police do proper Investigation before issuing an arrest warrant against the in-laws family of the girl.


All in all, this is a good law of India’s constitution.

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