Describe your dream home or an ideal house

Describe your dream home or an ideal house.

Sample Answer:-

Well, every person like his own home but sometimes, they imagine their dream house. I am not exceptional from them. Many times, I also think about my dream home. I would like to describe it briefly.
My dream house would be a four-story building with an attractive appearance. There would be a garden in front of my house which includes many plants as well as flowers.
Then, there would be a park with a set of wooden furniture in it where I can sit in winter days. Along with this, there would be a variety of flowers in this Park.
Describe your dream homeIn addition, I also want to have a garage in my dream home where I would like to park my luxury cars.
Apart from it, there would be an exercise room or gym for my brother because he is a health-conscious person. Every day, he goes to a private gym in my hometown.
Moreover, my private room would be big and it would be painted with a light green color. There would be a study room in my dream home where I can do my study with proper concentration without any disturbance.
Furthermore, there would be a kitchen where my mom would become able to cook food electrical equipment such as a microwave oven, toaster, and so on. With it, there would be a kitchen garden behind my home.
Also, all the rooms would be constructed with glass and stones. There would be all modern facilities in it.
All in all, I am doing hard work To fulfill my desire of having a beautiful home. I will do it definitely.

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