Talk About a Businessman that You Admire

Talk about a businessman that you admire; You should say

  • Who his person is;
  • How you got to know this person;
  • What this person does;
  • How do you think of this person?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Businessman that You Admire

I’m going to tell you about a businessman who I appreciate and respect today. I reside on a lovely and calm street where the majority of my neighbours work for firms or manage their own businesses. Mr Vincent stands out among them as the most admirable businessman I have ever encountered.

Mr Vincent is 30 years old and founded his first business at the age of 26. Viet Sun is the name of his company, which deals in medical equipment. He’s earned a reputation as a serious and diligent worker, and I typically see him going to work early and returning late. He is still addicted to his computer screen on weekends rather than getting out with pals.

Despite being about ten years my senior, he maintains a youthful appearance and is usually bursting with enthusiasm. Few people are driven by a strong sense of purpose and possess the necessary talents to achieve their objectives. Mr Vincent is one of those rare individuals who, at the age of 26, could realise his ambition on his own, and this is what I admire most about him.

Another of his endearing qualities is his ability to give sound advice. As a result, anytime I’m feeling down, I’ll seek his advice. I’ve learned a lot from him, not only in terms of everyday stuff but also in terms of life perspectives.

He is not only a regular businessman to me but also a person with whom I can share ideas and learn a lot. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Businessman that You Admire

Question 1. What Kinds of Qualities Do People Need to Run Their Own Business?

Answer:- To manage their own business, I believe people must be intelligent, determined, resilient, & enthusiastic. People must be astute enough to identify their target market and build a firm that caters to their needs. They must also be determined and resilient, as owning a business is fraught with obstacles and ups and downs. Finally, people must be enthused in order to motivate their staff and generate novel ideas.

Question 2. What Fields Do Young People Like to Engage in When They Start a Business and Why?

Answer:- When it comes to launching a business, I believe that young people prefer the art and technology industries. Many young people are extremely creative and wish to sell their creations. Many people I know make a living selling pin, prints, and other art items. It’s simple for them to succeed if they have a distinct style. Technology is also a wonderful place to start a business, especially until enough new apps are developed.

Question 3. Is It Better to Start a Business Alone or Start as A-Team?

Answer:- Well, it’s preferable to start a business with a group because you’ll be able to come up with twice as many ideas and twice as much money to make your venture a success. You have no one to turn to for help while you’re on your own, which might make it difficult to accept decisions and take chances. Having a partner or a team also allows you to split the workload and avoid burnout.

Question 4. What Do You Think Are the Key Factors that Contribute to The Success of A Business?

Answer:- I believe that the primary factors that make a business successful are innovation, determination, and flexibility. You’ll need a one-of-a-kind approach to succeed. Because there are so many businesses out there, you’ll need to be inventive to stand out. Businesses must also be led by people who are dedicated to achieving their objectives, regardless of the challenges they confront. In today’s world, a business owner must also be adaptable to changing circumstances and needs.

Question 5. if You Had the Opportunity to Have Your Own Business, What Business Would It Be? Why?

Answer:- I’d like to build a little bookstore with a cafe where people can relax and have a cup of coffee and a snack. Because I enjoy reading, I believe I would be able to fully comprehend my target market and anticipate their needs and desires, which is a vital aspect of operating a business. I also believe that additional cafes are constantly needed, thus I would have a lot more customers.

Question 6. What Do You Think Is the Retirement Age for Men and Women?

Answer:- Anyone between the ages of 60 and 75, I believe, has the option to retire. People are ready to settle down about that time, and they typically have the financial wherewithal to retire and live well. I don’t think it matters if the retiree is a guy or a woman. Because we’ve come a long way in terms of gender equality, it’s now common for men and women to work well into their sixties.

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