Some People Think Women Should Be Allowed to Join the Army

Some people think women should Be Allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force just like men. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer.

It is commonly thought by many that female candidates should be granted to serve in the military camps either in the navy or air-based, similar to male personality. I completely believe that women may bring some advantages if they can join in certain job fields. Firstly, this essay shall discuss how women empowerment and equality in contemporary society could be a major step towards women empowerment and equality. Secondly, it will argue that males and females both can share equal responsibilities to serve their respective nations.

For many years individuals are debating that we should have equality in our developing world to empower women. Still, it only happens when we offer them enough chances to create space for them. Higher authorities should try to fill the blanks between masculine and feminism to connect the dots. As human beings, we all know how powerful the stature of women personalities is; they are totally devoted to domestic duties to patrolling the national border. For instance, the Indian government passed the act, which allowed women from any background with a good strong physique and ability can join the army. Thus, this kind of initiative and goodwill form higher authority to help a whole nation reduce the inequality gap.

Moreover, if we discuss that both categories should play their role at the highest level for the nation, they should allow sharing equal sheer of work to both. Governments should encourage them by providing certain facilities and basic infrastructure for women candidates. For example, the Indian higher authority offers a reservation system for women, where at least 15% of the army department should contain lady officers. Therefore, creating chances and small encouragement from any government can bring fair chances to both genders.

To conclude, women can play a vital role to serve their nation. Similarly, they are flawless in domestic duties. This kind of initiative may help a whole country to prevent inequality and create more opportunities.

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