Some People Claim That the Government Should Provide Free Health Care

Some people claim that the government should provide free health care. Others think that the government will not provide the most innovative methods of treatment and it’s better to invest those funds in education and culture. What is your opinion?

In most countries, people prefer that health care should be given by the government for free. Added to that, some public says that our government may not provide the advanced treatment. Instead of that, they can invest the money in education and other cultural purposes. I will prefer to spend on medical care by developing the standards of it.

Education and culture are the backbones of every country. Many of the nations are providing a good standard of schools and colleges to educate their citizens. Also, we should give equal importance to maintaining their individual cultural aspects to retain their uniqueness. People have the ability to select their necessary level of education, which is given by both government and private institutions based on their interests.

Apart from all of the things, health care plays a major role in any of the countries. We should give the first preference to develop some more advancements in the medical field and to encourage scientists to create and find many more medicines which are better in quality and cheaper in cost so that the public can get the best facilities and treatment by the government. For example, finding the first COVID vaccine is a very prestigious and safest option all over the world. However, we could provide a lot of funds for health care research and facilities.

Finally, I conclude with the importance of hospitals and the treatment for every problem in health should be the best quality for all the citizens in the world. That should be given by the government, and then only partiality will not be shown among the people.

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