Some People Think the Money Spent on Developing Technology

Some people think the money spent on developing technology for space exploration is not justified. There are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

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Expenditure on developing technology for space exploration is not the right way to invest instead of there are multiple beneficial ways where money can be spent, as some people believe. According to my perspective spend money on space research centers is worthy and this essay will further explain its benefits.


In this 21 st century, scientists from all over the world is doing great to invent new things to simplify the life of human beings and make it easier to perform any task with the help of technology. Similarly, the government of various countries invests money on space research centers such as NASA and ISRO to invent new thing which can help further for humans. For Example, a couple of years back NASA had sent its satellite to the moon and got success to find out what resources are available which is good for humankind, apart from this they also find water and oxygen and declared that there will be a possibility of life there.

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Furthermore, so many research centers had successfully installed their satellite in the galaxy to improve digital communication from one place to another irrespective of distance such as satellite phones are available in the market. Moreover, with the availability of modern technology in space centers such as GSAT-1,0 we can get a server on our TV and able to watch any global channel which further helps humans to be well connected.


All in all, In this digital world to improvise humans life, it is significant to update ouron-grounded technology as well as space exploration.

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