Talk about a human being who helps others in his

Talk about a human being who helps others in his

Sample answer 1:-

Well, the best person always suggested helping someone without thinking. My grandfather always told me, if you want happiness for an hour then, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day then go fishing. If you want happiness for a year then inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime then you help somebody without any profit. I also follow these rules in my daily life.

But here I would like to talk about a person who helps others in the free time. She is my heaven her age is 22. She is a nurse in a government hospital in my hometown. Apart from that, she always donates some money from different NGOs.

After it, I remember, 3 years ago, she started an NGO. NGO name is taken and receive. It is located at the main entrance of my society. In this NGO, all members do work according to the rules. My sister is head of this NGO.

The most interesting thing, my sister does work in a different way as compared to other NGOs. Firstly, the helping number of this NGO provides on buses, taxis, shopping malls, hospital, schools, and all local channels. With help of it who person faces any trouble than he or she directly calls on that particular number and all team of NGOs reach that particular place. They help that person.

Moreover, my sister also organized different types of health camps in my hometown .in this camp, all types of people come here and received free medical health checkups as well as medicine also. My sister and other NGO members also help poverty line children who cannot go to school lacking money. They provide free education those kids as well as, also provide free knowledge related to their interests. All members also invest money and time in this NGO.

Furthermore, Sometimes, they collect money from all society members and everyone gives a donation with a full smile and good wishes. my sister also suggested me to save pocket money for donation because she believes if we have someone then God also help us in any bad situation. I feel proud and I really love my sister. When all society and other folks praise my sister then I feel on the ninth cloud.

Sample answer 2:-

Well, Helping to someone, not an easy task. In the Modern era, nobody helps without any profit. I know certain people who really help anyone without calculating any profit or loss. But here I would like to talk about a person who helps others in his spare time.

With it,  He is my neighbor and his name is Mr. Anuj Sharma. I have known him since childhood. Mr.sharma is in his 40s. He is a government employee and he does a job in SBI bank. He is a very intelligent and honest person in my colony.

Apart from that, he helps others at any time but usually, he helps the people on the weekends because at that time Mr. Sharma free from his work. He helps individuals in different sorts of ways. He gives free bank coaching to poor students who want the best future in the upcoming time.

Even, he also donates clothes, food, shoes and other necessary things to poverty line people. With it, also organized blood donation camp to help who suffering from dangerous diseases as well as he also distributes free medicine in my hometown.

Moreover, he is a very kind-hearted person and he always helps others any type of situation. I remember last year, my society friend suffered from a heart blockage problem and her family not able to give the best treatment. That time, I discussed all issue with my uncle and he paid all payment of my friend’s treatment.

From that time, he became a role model of my life. My society discusses everything with him because he always takes the decision which is good for all society members. Furthermore, if I am sick then, I call him and share my all stress and problem. After it, I feel totally perfect and okay. When I think about him at that time I feel amazing because I know him very well.

Followups question:-

Question: -according to you, why people are ready to help others?

Answer: – well, some people prefer to help others without knowing any profit and loss because they help someone to satisfy own soul. With it, some people think if you have someone then god definitely helps you in a good and bad situation.

Question:-what do you think it’s important to help others?

Answer:- definitely if anyone needs help then help him or her. Apart from that, if a family member, a society member, an unknown person stuck in any problem then you definitely help those persons who need some help with it, left family members and people of society also influence from you and also follow your way.

Question:- most of individuals always think about themselves and never helping others? what do you say about this attitude?

Answer:- According to me, it is not good. But it is the trust of the modern era and the new generation. Nowadays, people become more selfish as compares to the past. Apart from that, anybody does not their attitude. Even, they become a racing rat, those are busy in gain achievements and success. Due to this, they do not have enough time to look around and notice those human beings who really need particular help. I think ts is very sad for humans.

Question:- in your country, What type of persons need help?

Answer:- In my nation India, mostly poor and old needs help. Sometimes people face different sorts of problems such as no food, clothes, and shelter. Unfortunately, farmers need to help from people and government because they are the second name of God. With their hard work, we eat food. According to my point of view, the government should change the farmer policies and helps the farmers in different ways. People’s also give support to the farmer for better eatable things because ” Good food good health”.

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