Some parents believe that reading entertainment books is a waste of time.

Some parents believe that reading entertainment books

Some parents believe that reading entertainment books is a waste of time. In their opinion, children should read only serious, educational books. Do you agree or disagree??


Books help individual to broaden the Horizons of his or her knowledge. A camp of society believes that juvenile should have to read-only instead of comic books. Actually they think that reading entertainment books are fruitless. I quite disagree with the given argument. there is a number of reasons for it. I will discuss it in the following paragraphs of this essay.

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Some parents believe that reading entertainment books First of all, the educational books improve general knowledge as well as the capabilities of pupils. Because informational books give them knowledge about different topics such as Historical events, rituals, traditions of particular religion or cast, and so on. Due to it, the student becomes a competitor in a wide range of areas like effective writing, control over sentences, and so on. However, books related to entertainment are proved helpful for students to inculcate the moral values and discipline to them. Because through funny sentences, comic books teach positive messages to children such as doing one’s best, respect to elders, helping others, and so on. To illustrate, a popular comic book related to a cartoon character named “spiderman” reminds learners to ameliorate the complications of their life. As a result, children learn to fight against evil or things.

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Apart from it, entertainment books are responsible for vocabulary expansion of students. Because these books have a variety of new words which present in the front of puppies by creating hilarious scenes through dialogues. Thus, comic books are a unique opportunity to acquire new vocabulary in combination with context cues. In particular, the given puzzles, as well as familiar words in comic books, helps offsprings to decipher the meaning of strange words.
Moreover, entertainment books improve inferencing skills of trainees. It means a student can understand the lines properly given in the text. It also works as a blessing for children to improve comprehension. Comic books are easier for juveniles to learn through colored pictures and text.


To conclude, educational books and entertainment books both have their specific value in the lives of juveniles. But books like comic works as a stress buster for a kid because books are helpful to teach them problematic theories in an easy way. I believe educational books enable one person to see different viewpoints of a single thing.

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