Many people believe that it is better to learn something in a group

Many people believe that it is better to learn something

Many people believe that it is better to learn something in a group rather than individually. Do you agree or disagree with this statement??


Learning plays a vital role in every individual’s life. A Segment of human beings believes that when people learn through group studies, it has proved beneficial for them instead of studying alone. I quite agree with this argument because there are a number of reasons behind it. I will discuss it following paragraphs of this essay.

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First of all, a worse part of group studies is conflicting topics. In other words, some persons do study in the groups might have different views and interests. Sometimes, they presented different opinions about one topic or concept which can become the cause of fight in a group. During this, few persons say bad words to others which is lead to motivation and stress. As a result of it, persons who study in a team have become unable to gain strength and zenith. That’s why many persons prefer to study lonely.

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However when students do study in a group, then, they communicate with the several persons involved in the group. They have a plethora of viewpoints related to one topic. They all discuss each and every side of the same topic. Due to this, an individual catches the views of others and it increases the creativity of his or her mind. A group study proves just like a blessing which has helped them to broaden the horizons of their knowledge.
Many people believe that it is better to learn Apart from it, one can get new perspectives as well as skills when he or she studies in a group. Because they elaborate everything with others with great enthusiasm and proper concentration. They become able to know fresh information with curiosity such as what is this?? or how can I learn it in an easy and significant way??. Thus, they see others how they are describing a topic with good pedagogical skills, and then they want to do just like them.

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Moreover, a group study gives you a definite solution at a time because, in a group, one can ask others about a specific concept. It works just like a training institute for juveniles. For instance, well-renowned schools and colleges, the class teacher divide the whole class into groups sometime before the final examination. All the learners do study in groups as well as help other pupils by providing solution and opinions. This has proved an important tool for the preparation of exams or a class project.


To conclude, it is rightly said that every coin has two sides. If studying in a group brings multifarious benefits to various people, then, perhaps it is a bad thing for some human being who does not like to study in a group. I believe, group study makes a person perfect by providing a lot of views and opinions related to the same concept or topic.

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