Individuals Can Do Nothing to Protect the Environment, and Only Governments and Big Companies Can Make a Difference

Individuals can do nothing to protect the environment, and only governments and big companies can make a difference. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Protecting the environment is the responsibility of only governments; big companies and individuals cannot do anything. However, I totally disagree with the statement. An argument for the disagreement and a counter-argument is explained in detail below, followed by the conclusion.

To begin with, the media has a great impact on the public that it is only the governments and various companies who take initiatives in conserving the environment. Most people believe what is shown by the media. Nowadays many people are using public transport to prevent pollution.

They are taking steps to cultivate plants in their respective homes by creating home gardens which eventually lead to the growth of natural vegetation. Furthermore, they are educating people on the internet to provide necessary guidelines on different ways to protect the environment by conducting numerous activities. In a nutshell, people are trying their best to protect nature and safeguard our planet.

On the other hand, the government plays a vital role in arranging many events and organizing speeches to spread awareness. Many multinational companies are providing funds to the governments in conducting the events and making them a huge success. Recently an MNC, in collaboration with the government, conducted the “Plant Harvesting Program”, where people from the entire city came forward and planted trees along the highways. In addition, many such collaborations are happening all over the globe to make our earth a healthier and happier place to live in.

At the end of the picture, individuals make their utmost efforts to conserve nature. The reasons for the same are the influence of the media and the good side of the internet. Many such measures must be taken rapidly in order to protect the environment.

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