Talk about a person or friend who recently got success.

Talk about a person or friend who recently got success.

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Well, there are many persons in my life who are successful. Some of them have established their own business in India but some are living in foreign countries. Here I would like to talk about my cousin brother who recently got success.

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His name is Lovepreet. He is my cousin brother. In the present time, He lives in Australia. About 10 years ago, he moved to Australia for his further studies.
There, he did a course of masters in computer application with good the percentage. After it, he got a job in a multinational company in Australia. He did this job for one year. After it, he established his own business of electronic goods.

Body Paragraph 2

Talk about a person who recently got successFirstly, he started his business from a small store. With the passage of time, he gained more and more revenue, then, he reached a peak of Glory in his life by expanding the business.
In addition, In the present scenario, his company has become the number one organization in Australia. He also imports and exports electronic commodities. Now, he is the owner of a big organization named “Preet Electronics”.

Body Paragraph 3

Last year, he came to India in order to attend a wedding function in my family. In this celebration, we met with each other as well as we shared our opinions. He advised me you join IELTS course because studying in a foreign country can open the door of opportunities for a person.
He encouraged me to get admission in the University of Australia. After Attending wedding function, he went back to Australia because he is very busy at the time.
Moreover, We do chat on social networking sites in our free time and we send photographs to each other via email. In recent time, he has opened office company in India which is maintained by his father.


All in all, he is a person who has recently got success.

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