The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in The Popularity of Areas Such as Fashion and Consumer Goods

The tendency of human beings to copy one another is shown in the popularity of areas such as fashion and consumer goods. To what extent do you agree?

For a long time, humans have invariably been considered malleable and get easily influenced by others. Although I could sympathise with both sides of the argument, I fundamentally believe that creating one’s lifestyle is the best way of living.

One of the main reasons for imitating celebrities and renowned personalities’ lifestyles is to gratify oneself by receiving recognition from peers and community members. Nowadays, people have become too conscious about how they carry themselves, that is, about their dressing style, eating habits, in short, their whole lifestyle. Research has shown that social media has played a crucial role in this kind of perception by inducing a feeling of inferiority about their current fashion, making them an object of mockery. By simulating their celebrated people, they somewhat groom themselves and get the satisfaction of having a place in society and, to a certain extent, eradicating the fear of lower status.

Nevertheless, some people do not consider following others and devising their way of living, which give them a sense of identification. They create their individuality by inventing a new path rather than walking on the same old route. To achieve this, they indeed take the help of eminent people’s experiences from the same field to assist them to handle pressures and failures and guide them in the proper direction but do not copy them. For example, whenever one, with a distinct outlook towards life, aspire to become a successful fashion designer, understanding the established fashion designer’s life would encourage them to overcome the obstacles while reaching the destination.

In conclusion, I strongly favour not copying anyone from any field and reckon in producing one’s lifestyle. Despite some people who emulate famous figures to attain some level of satisfaction, others believe this as an act of plagiarism and believe in coming up with their plan for life.

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