In many countries, women never feel need to get married.

In many countries, women never feel need to get married. Some people believe that this is because women are able to earn and therefore do not require financial security that marriage can bring. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



In the present scenario, ladies are stepping out of the four walls of their houses and showing their metal in every field. According to a camp of society, women are denying to get married because they are breadwinners of their own. They also do not need financial support which marriage provides. I partly agree with the given argument. There are a few reasons for it. I will discuss it in the following paragraphs of this essay.

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women never feel need to get married.The first and foremost reason for those women who do not want to get married is loss of freedom. Because before marriage, there are no restrictions on girls to go outside their home. Also, they can do anything which they want. But after marriage, ladies have to follow the norms of another home. A marriage also put pressure on the female person’s mind regarding their duties towards her in-laws-family. In addition, girls are educated nowadays. They pass the graduation or second degree. As a result, they get higher positions in marketing companies. So, they earn money for themselves in order to fulfill their needs and taking responsibility for financial aids on their own shoulders.

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On the opposite side, marriage is a beautiful relationship between two souls or bodies and families. Both husband and wife support each other as well as, they share their emotions or feelings with each other. Due to it, their understandability is increased which leads to a happy life full of excitement. Apart from it, marriage provides social support to a girl and financial security. In other words, security has existed in the world just because of marriages. If no marriages will happen, then, society and its real value will decline. Thus, only a single person will live on earth.


To conclude, nowadays women sector has been reaching a peak of glory in their life. Also, get hundreds of opportunities for their own to fulfill their financial needs. So, ladies avoid getting married. But I believe marriage should be like a precious diamond.


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