Describe a person who is beautiful and handsome.

Describe a person who is beautiful and handsome.Sample answer 1:-

well, I do the job in the marketing line and I meet a lot of people in my daily life. some people have only external beauty but, few have both beauties. But, here I would like to talk about a beautiful person. She is my neighbor aunt and I know her since my 9 years old.

Apart from that, her name is Mrs. Sharma .she is her 30s and she is a doctor. She has a wonderful personality and she has a round shape face, sharp nose, tall and slim. With it, she always wears traditional clothes. I always praise her when she wears a red color.

After it, she is a well-educated person and she also teaches children of society. interestingly, she has a curiosity about learning new and new thing from other persons. My aunt is very brave and she passionate about new challenges of daily life.

Moreover, she is a very kind heart lady and she easily adjusts as well as, change herself according to the situation. She organizes free health checkup camp every year for the society members. She also provides free medical facility to poor people.

Furthermore, she always helps all people without knowing any types of profit and loss. My all society members always discuss their matters and problem with her and, she gives the best solution to all people. According to my thinking, she has huge beauty from the soul. She easily attracts everyone. I really love my aunt and she lives a long life.

Sample answer 2:-

I know a lot of persons in my life who are beautiful and handsome as well as smart also. I like beautiful persons because some beautiful people have a sharp brain, the best decision making quality with natural beauty. But here I would like to talk about a person who is really beautiful.

Interestingly, she is my best friend and, her name is Priya. She is her above 20s. I know her since my childhood. Priya is very polite nature person. If I talk about her look. Her height is approximately 5.7 feet, fair color shade, slim and she looks like a princess.

Apart from that, We have done together and, now she does the well-reputed job in the bank. Priya earns a handsome salary. I remember when we were in the same school. At that time, she was the topper of my class and I was not interested in mathematics. Then, she always helped me in school work.

After that, we always celebrate all events and occasions together. The most important thing, Priya is very kind heart persons and she can never see anyone in trouble. She donates book, uniforms and many other things to under poverty line children.

Moreover, a few months ago, she started an NGO ( Non-governmental organization). She collects money from different government departments and public places. Then, Priya and her team donate thing according to every poor person needs.

At last, I think she is the most beautiful persons in the world because she has internal and external beauty which is most important for every good person. She is a very loyal person as well as, we all friends share their matters and problems with her with any doubt.

Sample 3

Well, during my whole life, I have met with many persons. Some of them are beautiful and handsome. Here I would like to talk about one of them. That person’s name is Deep who is my childhood friend. We studied together in the same school. I like it very much. I describe him briefly.

First of all, If I talk about his physique then, he is a tall boy but looks very handsome. He has black hairs and brown sparkling Eyes which make him more attractive than others. Along with it, his dressing sense is really very good. He attracts every girl toward him, in fact, me also.

In addition, he has many unique qualities which makes him different from others. He is down to earth person who is ready anytime to help others. Also, he gives respect to his elders as well as he is honest.

Apart from it, he is the leader of the youth club in my village. He encourages villages to protect the environment by growing more and more plants. His club distributes a variety of plant to people for growing it in their home.

Moreover, we meet with each other twice in a week. We shared our ideas and opinions with each other whenever we meet. Every day, we do Jack with each other on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on. All in all, I like to meet again and again. An idiom suits him that handsome is as handsome does. May he live long.

Followups question:-

Question:-what do you think good looking is important?

Answer:- Nowadays, beautiful appearance is very important because many types of jobs required a presentable appearance. It is good for everyone. They can be maintained by dressing sense well and good way. in other words; models, actresses and air hostess jobs always required beautiful appearance. They always hire those girls who are beautiful as well as, all workers wear the proper dress and maintain their body figure and, develop good manners and many more things.

Question:- do you think it is easy to become beautiful?

Answer:- According to my view of point, internal beauty is more important to external beauty. Although, I respect external beauty also. In the modern era, all people do something to increase their beauty and, it is not an easy task. For example; nowadays male members and females both prefer to go to the beauty salon And, they take different sorts of beauty services. On the other hand, if I talk about physical beauty, it is very important and, folks do a lot of types of light physical exercise. Some youngsters prefer to go to the gym to maintain their body fit.  with it, they also maintain the diet chart and follow seven days of the week.

Question:- does being beautiful has some drawbacks?

 Answer:- There are numerous types of demerits for being beautiful. First of all, certain times beautiful people feel uncomfortable when someone notices in a dirty way and misbehave with him or her. Next, beautiful people always received unwanted attention from the opposite gender as well as, a lot of times folks judge their ability to see beauty. Due to it, they do more and more hard work to represent talents, curiosity, passion, and many other things.

Question:-  some clothes selling organization appoint gorgeous models as a brand ambassador? why?

Answer:- In contemporary days, everybody wants to look gorgeous and beautiful. With it, clothes selling firms can hire beautiful models and shoot some pictures and advertisement. After that, when people watch and see the adverts and they follow the trend. Then, they attract from those advertisements due to that, they purchase more and more products. Moreover, the sell of particular companies grow up fastly and companies earn good profit. So, they should hire some models who easy attract customers.

Question:- What Do you think the main motto of companies to appoint beautiful models to stimulate or increase their sales?it is a good thing?

Answer- According to me, it is a good idea and beneficial for all companies. If firms hire beautiful models and the sale of companies is automatically increasing. In instance; if companies shoot the advertisements and broadcast on the television, publish on newspapers, magazines and on the internet. then, people watch and see models to wearing new designs clothes, beauty products, hair products and so on. Definitely, people also prefer to look like him or her, then buy more and more products. It is really beneficial for companies as well as, economy of the nation.

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