Describe an Occasion When You Forgot Something Important.

Describe an occasion when you forgot something important. You should say:

  • what you forgot
  • how important it was
  • why you possibly forgot it

and explain what you did when you remembered it.

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion When You Forgot Something Important.


Well, very often it happens to me when I forget anything valuable. But due to a hectic schedule or engrossing too much in doing domestic chores make it happen with me. I remember the last time when I was going to appear in my interview, I forgot my original certificates at home. It was essential for me at the time of the interview. I was full of beans and was well aware of the ins and outs of the company for which I applied. So, I was confident enough to get a job there.

But simultaneously I was unaware of my original certificates that I had left at home by mistake. When I reached Mohali and I was eagerly waiting for my turn. I was instructed to submit original documents related to academic qualification, I was flabbergasted to see only photocopies of them. It made me down and I immediately made a call to my husband and requested to arrange it. In the meantime, I was called for the interview.                                     IELTSFever Facebook

I did excel but when it was asked from me to show the originals, I immediately apologized for it and requested to submit it after an hour. It was the grace of almighty that the interviewer understood it by keeping in mind my zeal for the job and knowledge and allowed me to show it after an hour. So, this was a time when I forgot my original certificates at home.

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