Young people often have ideas or attitudes that are different

Young people often have ideas or attitudes that are different

Young people often have ideas or attitudes that are different to those of their parents or grandparents. How do ideas and attitudes differ between generations in your society?

Do you think that these differences cause any problems?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words


Ideas and attitudes keep altering generation over generation. A drastic change in the thought process of young children and their grandparents can be easily noticed, whether it may be in the area of technology or traditional values.


In the times of our grandparents, a lot of focus was laid on traditional festivities. But with passing time, it has wandered off to other sectors of life. In hindsight, the authentic culture has degraded with the advent of every new generation. When coming to the area of technology, massive progress is evident. Children start using gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc. from an early age. While this makes them digitally smart, it brings hindrance in their outdoor activities, which are otherwise necessary for adolescents’ growth.


This surely brings in a generation-gap between children and their grandparents and the latter keep being pushed away by the former, due to their orthodox thinking. Despite being from two very different times, a little flexibility is what is needed to bridge this gap. A good start would be, incorporating the wisdom that elders have to offer, in youngsters from an early age, alongside learning about the new wonders that are happening every day around the world, from them.


Evolution is a never-ending process and so, one has to accept the alterations that keep happening with time. Otherwise, the growth of an individual is curbed and there is no meaning left in mere survival. One must therefore firmly believe in his/her principles, but never stop adding new knowledge in life.

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