Describe a Volunteering Experience You Have Had

Describe a Volunteering Experience You Have Had.

You Should Say:
What It Was?
Where It Was?
Why Did You Volunteer?
How Did You Feel About It?

Sample Answer of Describe a Volunteering Experience You Have Had.

            Since childhood, I love to take participate in extra curriculum activities and I did also in schools and colleges. Today I want to share one the volunteering experience which I had in my final year of college in the year 2015, my college had organized an Alumni event and made me a host of it because I had a good leadership communication skills and although I have a good friendly nature which everyone liked it.

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So during the whole event, I managed all things which include catering, decorations, and the welcome speech of each individual. Lastly, all the alumni and department heads appreciated my work and awarded me with a certificate. All in all that experience made my day memorable to date and whenever I got an opportunity I share that experience with my friends and family.

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