Describe a party that you attend or describe a party.

Describe a party that you attend or describe a party.

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Well, I am an extrovert type of person who likes to enjoy and every moment of life. To enjoy my life, many times I organize parties such as birthday party and so on. Sometimes, I like to attend parties of other ones such as my relatives or friends. Here I would like to talk about a birthday party which I attend last year. I describe it briefly.


talk about a partyActually, there was the 18th birthday of my friend in the month of December. His parents organized a grand party to celebrate this special occasion. They invited me to other persons at this party.

On the day of the party, I went to his home because his parents organized this party at his own house. His house was decorated with lights and flowers. It looked like a bride.
Then, the party started at 8 o’clock when my friend cut his birthday cake. This cake was baked by his own mom because his mother has open a bakery.

What Happened in Party?

When he cut the cake, all the persons who were present in that party started clapping for him and sung birthday theme song.
After it, we gave gifts to the birthday boy.
In addition, the food stalls were also set up there. I ate a variety of food there such as Chinese, Italian, and other continental food. The food on stalls was mouth-watering. I also tasted that birthday cake. It was so delicious.
Apart from it, after eating food, I danced on the dance floor with my friend. We danced together on rock music. Also, I clicked some photographs in this party. I keep these pictures save on my mobile phone. Whenever I see these pictures, I recall the sweet memories of my life.


All in all, this party was too good and full of fun. I will never forget it during my whole life.

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