Describe a person you wanted to be similar.

Describe a person you wanted to be similar when you were growing.

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Well, there are many persons in my life Who influence me. Here I would like to talk about one of them. Actually, that person influenced me during my school days and at that time, I want to be like him.
To be honest, there was a boy named Mandeep Singh who was my classmate. We were in 10th class. I wanted to be like him because He left a profound impact on me.

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First of all, he looked very handsome as well as His dressing sense was mind-blowing. His journal knowledge was too good.
In addition, He was so intelligent who could give answers to difficult questions in just a few seconds. His memory was very sharp and he helped the poor students in their studies.
Apart from it, many times, I got help from him to solve challenging equations of mathematics. Also, He took part in competitions which were organized by our school. In these contests, he won some prizes. In class, I saw him many times because he attracted me.

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Describe a person you wanted to be similar It doesn’t mean that was a poor child in my school days but I was a teenager. So, it is natural that we are under influence of someone because in teenage, there are many changes occur a teenager’s life hormones.
In the present time, he is handsome as he was in the past.
if I talk about his physic, then, he is a tall boy looks handsome. His hairs are black and he has sparking Eyes. He is an attractive person who attracts all the girls.

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On the other hand, he has unique qualities such as he is down to earth person. Also, he gives respect to his elders as well as he does voluntary work in my village. He is a doctor by profession.
Nowadays, we do chat on social networking sites such as facebook, Instagram, Sharechat, WhatsApp and so on. Sometimes, we meet face to face once a week. So whenever we meet, we share opinions and ideas with each other. Also, he is a good advisor.


Lovingly, by the grace of God, now, I don’t want to be like another person because I love myself.
All in all, he was a person in my life who influenced me most and I want to be like him.

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