Your Neighbour Keep Animals in Your Garden

Your neighbour keeps animals in your garden because of which you and your family are facing problems.

Write a letter

  • Explain problems
  • Suggest a solution
  • If nothing improves, then what will be the consequences

Dear Mrs Jones,

I hope you are doing great. The objective of writing this letter is to let you know about my problem with your animals.

Let me depict it in detail. First off, from the past few weeks onwards we have been facing this problem quite often. As your pet animals such as dogs, cats, and sheep, all the animals are spoiling my organic trees in my garden. And there are many damages not only with the garden but also disturbing my family with noise.

I request you to please take them to the open areas where a lot of grass and water are available so that they can never disturb our fields.

If the above-requested solution does not come into reality, we will complain to the authorities and our security department to control your pet animals. Please care not only for pets but also for plants as they provide a lot of benefits to our environment.

Looking forward to your rapid response.

Yours Sincerely,


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