Cue Card : Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Cue Card: Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

You should say:

  • When and where it happened,
  • Why you were surprised,
  • Who gave this surprise to you,
  • Why you felt about it afterwards )

Sample Answer of Cue Card: Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Although there are a plethora of surprises in my entire life, some gave by my friends, and the others are from m colleagues and my family. I want to take this opportunity to depict one of my favourite surprises 2 years ago before the pandemic time.

My husband and I went to Bali, and thereafter, we moved to Singapore for 5 days. And he gave me a surprise by buying cruise tickets, and I have celebrated my birthday in the middle of the ocean at 12 am. I was stunned after seeing the beauty of the waves and high-speed cruise moving, and I thanked my husband, who gave me the surprise because that is my dream to celebrate my birthday in the middle of the ocean as well as during full moon day. I feel like on cloud nine after having the cute sudden shock.

Follow-ups Cue Card: Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Question 1 Why do friends meet up?

Answer – There could be many reasons like to catch up some time and spend in the cafe or for invitations or chit chat.

Question 2 Are there any meetings that people need to plan?

Answer – Yes obviously, there are plenty of occasions we need to plan like marriages, birthdays, college days celebrations, and a more

Question 3 Are there any jobs related to unexpected things?

Answer – There are a few jobs which can lead to unexpected things like adventure zone, bike riding likewise

Question 4 Do unexpected things lead to progress in our society?

Answer – Sometimes it can lead to more development in the society due to their efforts, and sometimes they cannot get recognition from society.

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