Describe an unusual vocation you had

Describe an unusual vocation you had?

Sample 1 ( Trip To Leh Ladakh )

well, I am fond of traveling because, in this way, I get a chance to explore diverse locations and beauty of also provides me a break from my monotonous and mundane routine. I visited so many places with my family and friends. however, here I would like to talk about a trip which is not pre-planned.

Trip To Leh Ladakhlast year, I visited my friend’s house with my cousin. we were sitting together and chitchatting with each other .then, suddenly my friend asks us for a trip of Leh Ladakh. we accepted his proposal because it was my dream to go there and luckily my cousin also free at that time. This place was so adventurous. we were a total of six members who were going to this place and icing on the cake was that we went there on our personal bikes. It was a long road trip and we enjoyed our journey a lot.

This was an unusual trip for me because I already visited some of the hill stations, deserts but, I went there the first time. The whole journey was full of thrill and adventurous. we halted two stations in between our journey and around 6 o clock we reached our destination. we stayed in a tent house and enjoyed barbecue food. In addition to it, the next day we went for adventurous activities, for example, jeep safari, mountaineering, tracking, and wild water rafting. We enjoyed all these activities there and believe me it was full of fun. Moreover, we saw a river there which is fully covered with ice and looked so mesmerizing.

Furthermore, we clicked so many photographs in front of the river as well as on the top of the mountain while performing activities. I saved these photographs on my computer, and whenever I saw this picture, I recalled my all memories. All in all, this was an unusual trip which I enjoyed a lot.

Sample 2 ( Red Fort Delhi )

Well, during my whole life, I have enjoyed my vacations such as summer vacations, winter holidays, and so on. Most of the time, I went to see historical places in India. Some vacations were usual but some were special or unusual. So here I would like to talk about one of them. About 1 year ago, my cousin’s brother named Lovepreet came to India in order to meet his relatives or other near and dear ones. I met with him and we shared many things with each other. He stayed at his own home with his family.

Red Fort DelhiBetween this, one day, he came to my house at 8.00 p.m. He requested us to go with him to visit a historical place named red fort. My parents, as well as I, also didn’t want to say no to him because he came to my house after a long time. So, we agreed with his decision. Lovepreet explained to me that we are going by car which he had hired from a car agency. I was too excited about this excursion. We all the family members went with him as well as his parents also joined us.

At 9 p.m., we reached the Historical place Red Fort in Delhi. It is a beautiful place where many people come to see it. At that time, my father explained the history of this place. According to him, this place was built by the Mughal empire named Shah Jahan. He constructed it when he shifted India’s capital from Agra to Delhi. He lived there with his family.

In addition, the ceremonies of independence day of India are performed in Red fort every year. Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) of India waves the national flag on Red Fort. This place is also known as Lal Kila. Apart from it, when we went there, an exhibition was held in Red Fort. People from different states of India came there in order to sell their handcrafts as they set up their stalls there.

I got a chance to see this exhibition as well as I bought some souvenirs from there. Also, I clicked some photographs there on my mobile phone. All in all, we enjoyed it a lot. I said thanks to my cousin’s brother, who took us there.

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