You Are Very Disturbed by the Noise Coming From a Restaurant

You are very disturbed by the noise coming from a restaurant opened nearby recently. Write a letter to the restaurant manager and say

– What problem do you experience?
– What should the management do about it?
– Describe what you will do if the problem is not resolved

Sample Answer of You Are Very Disturbed by the Noise Coming From a Restaurant Opened Nearby Recently.

Dear sir/madam

I am writing to complain about the troubling noised caused at your restaurant.

It’s a very quiet neighborhood and the volume of the played music is relatively high. I raised the issue to your staff earlier but nothing has changed yet. I cannot concentrate on my work lately due to a lack of sleep. In addition to this, your drunk guests shout and hoot in the street during late-night hours. Everything is becoming difficult to tolerate.

I welcome your business but you should also consider the inconvenience caused to us. I urge you to hire professional bouncers to control the guests. You should lower the volume of music or install soundproof glass to minimize the effects.

I am looking forward to your actions. However, if the appropriate measures are not taken to tackle the problem, I will have to take legal action against you. I will file a police complaint by the end of next week.

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