There Have Been Some Problems With the Bus Service

There have been some problems with the bus service, especially its reliability, in your area over the last two weeks.

Write a letter to the manager of the bus company. In your letter

  • Describe what the problems are
  • Explain how these problems are affecting you
  • Suggest what you would like the company to do

Sample Answer of There Have Been Some Problems With the Bus Service, Especially Its Reliability.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to draw your attention to the problems of irregular bus service that I have been experiencing for over a fortnight.

Let me explain the problems that people confront and limited bus service is one of them. Adding fuel to the fire is its schedule and as such buses don’t run on time. At the weekends, the situation is quite different as there is no bus service available.

Though, I have my own vehicle; but due to the rising cost of conventional fuels, it becomes impossible for me to go to my workplace or any other kind of work by my private vehicle. Reaching late at my office has become a part of my routine and for this, I suffer both financially and mentally. I am able to get only half of my salary and the rest has been deducted on part of reaching late. Due to it, I cannot bear my expenses with a meager salary.

I would be grateful if you could make the bus service frequent. It would be convenient for the people as well to move easily to any place and working people like me would not suffer mentally and financially. It would be a great benefit for your company as the majority of the people will use your bus service. I hope you will look into the matter and try to solve this problem.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

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